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Speaking and Presenting

Dr.Yesh specializes in offering dynamic, accessible presentations, formal or informal, to a variety of audiences about healthcare, pain specialties, medical devices, and other topics.

  • Teach physicians complex or new medical material

  • Present medical information to a mixed or layperson audience

  • Motivate or educate any audience on healthcare matters

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Case Review and Forensic Medicine

Many important decisions are made on the basis of medical tests, records, and procedures. Whether you face a critical healthcare choice in your future, or have legal questions about a past incident, Dr. Yesh can review your case and offer private consultation, advice, and information.

  • Determine options for future treatment based on medical history

  • Evaluate the strength of a medical-legal case

  • Decide whether to move forward with a treatment or procedure

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Whether hands-on or virtual-remote, Dr. Yesh is known for providing effective training for physicians and care providers, creating exceptional educational experiences and outcomes.

  • One-on-one, small group, or large group

  • Didactic and Lab

  • Cadaver and bioskills

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Product Development

A successful serial medical entrepreneur, Dr. Yesh offers experience and insights to help you understand the market, identify target audiences, and achieve your business goals.

  • Medical device

  • Biotech

  • Research & Development

  • Intellectual property

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Healthcare Market Insights

Get clarity on how the healthcare market works, from medical specialties to insurers and hospitals. 

  • Billing codes

  • Profit strategy 

  • Funding and payments

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Physician Market Insights

Dr. Yesh can coach you on how to reach, teach, and engage with physicians.

  • Reach a subset of referring physicians

  • Train a sales team on how to present new devices

  • Identify new use cases and techniques

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Content Creation

Dr. Yesh can help you conceptualize and create content for enabling sales trainings, medical education , or market education. 

  • Curriculum

  • Presentations

  • Videos, e-books, and more

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Strategic Business Development

Considering opening a new office location, or wondering where to focus for maximum growth? Dr.Yesh can help you plan, launch, and scale for maximum growth.

  • Positioning and strategy

  • Distribution channels

  • Market penetration and growth

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Various packages and options are available. Call or email for a complimentary initial consultation.



News and Articles

Dr. Yesh: On the Nobel Prize and the Science of Pain

Dr. Yesh examines how the 2021 Nobel Prize-winning discoveries in physiology will benefit people living with pain.

First Clinical Contributor for The American Foundation For Opioid Alternatives

Dr. Yesh joins the staff of this mission-driven nonprofit focused on providing opiod-alternative medical equipment and therapies.

Medical Necessity, Documentation, Coding, and Billing for Intrathecal Therapy

Dr. Yesh discusses the benefits of IT therapy for pain reduction with fewer opiods.

Dr. Yesh Appointed Director of Physician Education for NSPC

Dr. Yesh is developing a new, leading-edge professional education curriculum for the national network. 

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